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SEO and Design – Are they Mutually Incompatible

Its tough being a small business owner and trying to get your SME online without being ripped off. Its the classic problem of not knowing what you don’t know. You think you need a website – and they guy who designs your brochures offers websites as well – that’s logical right? Or you nephew is a wizz and design and said he’d come up with a cool flash-enabled website for you for – for free.

Well – probably not.

A website isn’t just an online brochure. Well it shouldn’t be anyway. No I don’t mean you need a fancy online shopping site either. What I mean that though a picture is worth a thousand words, a website which has good SEO is worth a whole lot more money than one that is not.

Here’s why.  A well-SEO’ed website will make it easier for the major search engines (aka Google) to find your site. That means if your potential customer goes online searching for widget makers – they will find your site and not your competitors.

So do yourself a favour – don’t rush into the cheapest or first deal you find to put your website online – try to find out if your designer has some idea about how to make your website “accessible to Google” – if he doesn’t find another one!

Even if you don’t understand it all check out this great article by a friend of mine on how to Combine SEO and Attractive Website Design – and forward it on to your designer!