Adsense and Legitimate Online Businesses

Adsense is one of the most popular ways that webmastes turn their websites become residual income builders. Its often seen as the beginners way to make money online – but it has its pitfalls. This is my take on earning income from Adsense

Pros to Residual Income with Adsense

  • its much easier to get someone to click an ad rather than actually buy or sign up for something from your site. The standard rates for clicks versus visitors for Adsense is usually quoted at around 5% -for affiliate sales it can be 1% or significantly less.
  • because you are being paid per a click rather than per a sale – Adsene income tends to be more consistent than affiate sale income;
  • Adsense has a huge inventory of ads – there are Adwords buyers for almost every conceivable niche;
  • Its very easy to track your Adsense performance thanks to th recent integration with Google Analytics

Cons to Residual Income with Adsense

  • its a lot harder to be accepted into the Adsense program as a publisher than it used to be. Its certainly not automatic, and is particularly difficult if you live  outside of US, Canada, western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  Don’t just casually make an application make sure that you have a website or at least some HubPages to prove that you have something to offer;
  • although its easy to earn a little money with Adsense – to earn a lot you really need to write your entire webiste around your Adsense niche – adding Adsense to a general website all over the place will do you little good;
  • if you get “smart priced” by Google i.e. they consider that you are providing low-value visitors to their advertisers – your entire network is affected – and its up to figure out which site is causing the problem;
  • Adsense has a complex list of Terms of Conditions which you need to abide by – ignorance is no excuse – the common mistakes people make include  adding Adsense to otherwise empty pages, adding Adsense next to pictures or too close to headings, forgetting to add a privacy page,  changing the Adsense code;
  • Adsense pays on a click so if someone, helpful or malicious, comes to your site and starts clicking you may well have your account suspended – and its very difficult to get an Adsense account back.

Essentially with Adsense you won’t make any money until you have organic (search) traffic finding your site. Visitors from Twitter or StumbleUpon may like your blog but they aren’t going to click on your ads. Traffic that you pay for is against Adsense TOS – don’t do it! So until you have your website ranking in the search engine results there really isn’t much point to adding Adsense!

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6 thoughts on “Adsense and Legitimate Online Businesses

  1. Griz

    Hmmmm… a busy beaver as we say in the northern hemisphere!

    The theme looks great – I might have to steal this. 🙂

    I think you could use a few links…

  2. Lis Post author

    Ah my first comment in 6 months – I thought if I wrote quality content the comments would come LOL. The theme is fantastic, it makes the design-impaired look good – feel free to acquire it via the affiliate link in the footer – its paid but very cheap!

  3. Todd

    Hi Lissie,

    cool, I guess I get to be the 3rd comment … and what great company I get to share between you and Griz.

    I like the idea behind this blog, and looks like it will be a great place to learn.

    … who knows, maybe one of these days, when people link out to the “3 amigos” Griz, Vic and Court, they’ll start adding Lissie on there too 😉


  4. Lis Post author

    You are indeed Todd thanks! I’ll say it again – I am not in those guys league – give me 10 years to catch up and for them to retire and then maybe – but no not yet!

  5. Denise

    Hey Lis,

    Just went through and read this whole blog. Nice!
    Guess I too will have to start getting you some juice here. Every little bit helps I guess.
    Still struggling to make more Adsense income. My fault however cause I have too many irons in the pot.

    Good luck on your flipping! I’ll definitely be following this blog and its development.

    Been thinking about getting these themes as well!

  6. Lis Post author

    Thanks for reading Denise – I am trying to be really organised for once – kinda the opposite of my other blog – must say I am happy with the themes – I think I have built a nice structure using the page layout on the front to reference the main blog categories.

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