Building A Legitimate Online Business

ou probably arrived here because you are interested in building residual income – either to supplement your existing job or even to replace it. Or maybe you are a stay-at-home parent, retired, a student or unemployed and you need to make some extra cash. Or a freelance writer who is looking to stop working for your client’s and want to work for yourself. However you are and wherever you live you have decided that you want to build a a residual income online – and you are wondering if its even possible.

You have probably already discovered the flashy sites which offer to show you how to make millions in your sleep usually illustrated with a flashy young blond dripped over the red sports car, parked outside the over-sized mansion.

If that’s what you want this site is not for you. I am blond – and my partner is not young or blonds or indeed female (odd how all those scam sites assume that the searcher is male, and straight…). My car is indeed red, but its not new or a sports model. I have a comfortable home – but I bought and paid for it long before I got involved with making money online income.

So this site is not selling you the dream. Instead this site is selling you the reality – keep reading if you are interested in making real money online.

How To Make Residual Income Online

Its possible – but its not a get rich quick scheme! I Its not even that difficult once you filter out all the noise from the get-rich-quick artists. You can make a great living online – but to do so you actually need both a good work ethic and some patience.

Now I am going to break the fundamental rule of sale’s copy about here: I am going to tell you my “secret” of

How To Build Income Producing Websites

  1. Select the correct niche. The topic of your site needs to be about something that people are a) searching for and b) doesn’t have sites which are too hard to compete against. Almost all searchers will click on one of the first three sites on the first page of the search results – if you can’t get your site into one of those slots you are probably wasting your time.
  2. Build a site focusing around the keywords you identified in step 1. The site doesn’t have to be huge – around five to ten articles is quite often sufficient. I don’t believe that its that important which software you use to develop sites but I use WordPress because its easy to customize and many people are familiar with how to use it, and if you are not there is a great deal of information on how to do almost anything on WordPress. In case you are wondering: yes this site is running on WordPress too.
  3. Monetize your site. Ugly word – it just means find a way to make money from your site common programs include: Adsense, eBay and Amazon affiliate sales, ClickBank products.
  4. Build back links to your site – links which link back to your site using your keywords rather than your sie’s name or “click here” or similar. You can build back links in an infinite number of places but common approaches to back links include:
  • links from articles
  • links from free Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages
  • links from guest posting on other people’s blogs
  • links from forum signatures
  • links from commenting on blogs

If that sounds like a lot of work – it is – if you will be spending a lot more time promoting your website than you will be actually building it …

Then you ahve to wait , eventually, Google and other search engines will notice your website and start to rank it higher in their result listings. Once you start to rank high in the search engines you will get what is called in the jargon – organic traffic – people who found your site by typing your keywords into Google (or Bing or Yahoo). Those people are the ones most likely to consider spending money on your offers or clicking on your Adsense ads.

What You Need to Bring to the Business
The process I outlined about may sound either too simple or too difficult depending on your experience online. You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Twitter, FaceBook or MySpace. I talked about choosing the right topic before I started a website, and I didn’t talk about blogging about your passion and the money will follow.

That’s because I believe, that for the vast majority of newcomers to making residual income online – those methods won’t work. And, probably worse, these approaches neglect to mention the most important thing when you approach the Internet with the desire to make a residual or even a full-time income – you are starting a business.

Its not a business that will require a bank loan, or special equipment or a shop front. But its a business nevertheless – and a business requires you to take a step back and have a business plan.

Its taken me over two years to finally find the right places to learn and to start to earn a consistent income

One of my biggest frustrations when I first started trying to earn an income online was to actually figure out what a keyword was, and more importantly what a good keyword was.

I found it difficult to do the work required to setup an income producing website, and more importantly promote it, without knowing whether I would get paid for my time and effort. Its a common issue – particularly for those of us who have spent many years working for someone else – being employed in a corporation has many downsides – but usually you can count on being paid if you turn up to work!

Its not the same in business – someone who opens a store doesn’t know if they will make money or go bust in six months. Fortunately online the initial investment into a website in terms of money is unlikely to bankrupt you – but if certainly can play mind games in terms of the effort required.

By doing this I believe that I can start to increase my income sooner rather than later – but its also an opportunity for you as a buyer of a website of mine to short-cut all that tedious learning curve of selecting websites and starting your own legit mate online business.

I see a lot of people who do have some money to invest online but maybe don’t have too much free time between their work and family commitments.

For them I think I can offer a cost-effective short cut to building residual income faster rather than slower – buying a website I have already down the research on and developed.

I am planning on selling two types of websites;

  • new sites complete with keyword lists, competition analysis and suggested list of places to build back links to your site;
  • established sites which will also include a list of the keywords I am targeting and competition analysis but will also include several months worth of back linking and revenue figures – obviously these will cost more as I have virtually eliminated all the risk for you!

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