Welcome to Building Legitimate Online Businesses

You probably arrived here because you are interested in building residual income – either to supplement your existing job or even to replace it. Or maybe you are a stay-at-home parent, retired, a student or unemployed and you need to make some extra cash. Or a freelance writer who is looking to stop working for your client’s and want to work for yourself. However you are and wherever you live you have decided that you want to build a a residual income online – and you are wondering if its even possible.

You have probably already discovered the flashy sites which offer to show you how to make millions in your sleep usually illustrated with a flashy young blond dripped over the red sports car, parked outside the over-sized mansion.

If that’s what you want this site is not for you. I am blond – and my partner is not young or blonds or indeed female (odd how all those scam sites assume that the searcher is male, and straight…). My car is indeed red, but its not new or a sports model. I have a comfortable home – but I bought and paid for it long before I got involved with making money online income.

So this site is not selling you the dream. Instead this site is selling you the reality – keep reading if you are interested in making real money online.