Building Residual Income – What You Need to Bring to the Business.

The process I outlined about may sound either too simple or too difficult depending on your experience online. You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Twitter, FaceBook or MySpace. I talked about choosing the right topic before I started a website, and I didn’t talk about blogging about your passion and the money will follow.

That’s because I believe, that for the vast majority of newcomers to making residual income online – those methods won’t work.  And, probably worse, these approaches neglect to mention the most important thing when you approach the Internet with the desire to make a residual or even a full-time income – you are starting a business.

Its not a business that will require a bank loan, or special equipment or a shop front. But its a business nevertheless – and a business requires you to take a step back and have a business plan.

Its taken me over two years to finally find the right places to learn and to start to earn a consistent income online from my websites.