Free eReport: Buying and Selling Websites


I have written this 19-page report to help both those of you who are wanting to buy websites to accelerate your online business growth and those who want to sell websites in order to get some quick cash.

There are a lot of websites for sale on sites which range from eBay to Flippa – but there is also a lot of over-priced junk as well. As usual on the Internet its hard, as a beginner, to recognise a good deal when you see it because so often the gems are over-shadowed by the junk.

I have attempted to write this eReport in straight forward, simple to understand language. No pretty graphics, no fluff, no heavy sales pitch – just some helpful information which I wish I’d had when I started out buying and selling websites. The chapters in the eReport include:

  • Buying a Domain
  • Buying a Website
  • Paying for a Domain or Website Online
  • Selling a Domain Name
  • Selling a Website
  • Technical: How to Actually Transfer Websites

In return for, what I hope is a useful eReport, I am asking for your email addresss. I am building a mailing list which will include people who are interested in both buying and selling websites. I won’t spam you with hundreds of messages, or even 10’s – but will from time-to-time offer you websites for sale which either my friends or I have developed. The current major players in the website buying and selling game all have issues: some are expensive for sellers, others are full of scammers. I am experimenting with building a list that can be used to bring legitimate buyers and sellers together for all of ours mutual benefit.

If you would like to be part of this please sign up below.

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