How to Make Residual Income Online?

Its possible – but its not a get rich quick scheme! I Its not even that difficult once you filter out all the noise from the get-rich-quick artists.  You can make a great living online – but to do so you actually need both a good work ethic and some patience.

Now I am going to break the fundamental rule of sale’s copy about here: I am going to tell you my “secret” of

How To Build Income Producing Websites

  1. Select the correct niche. The topic of your site needs to be about something that people are a) searching for and b) doesn’t have sites which are too hard to compete against. Almost all searchers will click on one of the first three sites on the first page of the search results – if you can’t get your site into one of those slots you are probably wasting your time.
  2. Build a site focusing around the keywords you identified in step 1. The site doesn’t have to be huge – around five to ten articles is quite often sufficient.  I don’t believe that its that important which software you use to develop sites but I use WordPress because its easy to customize and many people are familiar with how to use it, and if you are not there is a great deal of information on how to do almost anything on WordPress. In case you are wondering: yes this site is running on WordPress too.
  3. Monetize your site. Ugly word – it just means find a way to make money from your site common programs include: Adsense, eBay and Amazon affiliate sales, ClickBank products.
  4. Build back links to your site – links which link back to your site using your keywords rather than your sie’s name or “click here” or similar. You can build back links in an infinite number of places but common approaches to back links include:
  • links from articles
  • links from free Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages
  • links from guest posting on other people’s blogs
  • links from forum signatures
  • links from commenting on blogs

If that sounds like a lot of work – it is – if you will be spending a lot more time promoting your website than you will be actually building it …

Then you ahve to wait , eventually, Google and other search engines will notice your website and start to rank it higher in their result listings. Once you start to rank high in the search engines you will get what is called in the jargon – organic traffic – people who found your site by typing your keywords into Google (or Bing or Yahoo). Those people are the ones most likely to consider spending money on your offers or clicking on your Adsense ads.

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