Residual Income Builder – Short Cut For You

One of my biggest frustrations when I first started trying to earn an income online was to actually figure out what a keyword was, and more importantly what a good keyword was.

I found it difficult to do the work required to setup an income producing website, and more importantly promote it, without knowing whether I would get paid for my time and effort. Its a common issue – particularly for those of us who have spent many years working for someone else – being employed in a corporation has many downsides – but usually you can count on being paid if you turn up to work!

Its not the same in business – someone who opens a store doesn’t know if they will make money or go bust in six months. Fortunately online the initial investment into a website in terms of money is unlikely to bankrupt you – but if certainly can play mind games in terms of the effort required.

By doing this I believe that I can start to increase my income sooner rather than later – but its also an opportunity for you as a buyer of a website of mine to short-cut all that tedious learning curve of selecting websites and starting your own legit mate online business.

I see a lot of people who do have some money to invest online but maybe don’t have too much free time between their work and family commitments.

For them I think I can offer a cost-effective short cut to building residual income faster rather than slower – buying a website I have already down the research on and developed.

I am planning on selling two types of websites;

  • new sites complete with keyword lists, competition analysis and suggested list of places to build back links to your site;
  • established sites which will also include a list of the keywords I am targeting and competition analysis but will also include several months worth of back linking and revenue figures – obviously these will cost more as I have virtually eliminated all the risk for you!