Residual Income Without A Website

No its not a blue sky dream, you really can really can make residual income online without a website.  There are two main ways that people make an income online without a website:

  1. They are paid to write at sites which pay them either with a share of revenue or with an upfront payment.
  2. They sell their skills and services directly.

Contributing to Other People’s Websites

There are quite a number of sites online which regularly advertise for people to contribute to their site in return for payment. Most of these are only open to American residents and the most famous are probably, and To get hired you will need a specialist area of knowledge and reasonable writing skills.  These sites aren’t really offering you  a business opportunity – instead its an online job.

Another option is to sign up for revenue sharing sites. The oldest and best known of these is Squidoo but I personally prefer HubPages and the newer site InfoBarrel .  Squidoo is perfect if you don’t have your own accounts with Adsense, eBay and Amazon yet. Both HubPages and InfoBarrel require you to have your own accounants and then you get a percentage of page impressions with your ID’s displayed and whatever you make is directly credited to your affiliate accounts.

Both Squidoo and HubPages have active forums which can be very helpful if you are just starting off – but just cdouble-check any advice you get – not everyone knows really what they are talking about there. These sites are what are known as Web 2.0 sites and are not just a place to earn income directly – you can also use them to develop backlinks to your other sites and therefore improve their rankings in the search results.

Selling Your Services Direct

If you have a marketable skill: writing, programming, virtual assistant, web designer, for example  than there are number of sites set up specifically to create a market place for those wanting to sell their time and skills. The best known and reputable are and These sites offer a form of escrow which minimizes the risk or either the buyer or the seller being ripped off by the other party. The big downside of course is taht unless you have a rare skill – you are competing against a lot of people who live in countries with lower costs of  living than North America or the UK – you may not be happy with the rates on offer.

Should You Own Your Own Websites

Even if you decide that freelancing is the way you want to develop your online business – you will need your own website to be taken seriously. Even a free or hosted website would be better than nothing at all – but if you are establishing an online reputation you really need to own your own domain and website.

If you are contemplating developing your own residual income producing websites then its entirely possible to develop these of free sites which allow monetization – is the most popular but there are many others as well. There are advantages to buying and hosting your own websites – and although its not expensive to own a domain (less than $10 / year for most ) and hosting (from about $8 /month) the costs mount up as you buy more and more domains.

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