SEO and Design – Are they Mutually Incompatible

Its tough being a small business owner and trying to get your SME online without being ripped off. Its the classic problem of not knowing what you don’t know. You think you need a website – and they guy who designs your brochures offers websites as well – that’s logical right? Or you nephew is a wizz and design and said he’d come up with a cool flash-enabled website for you for – for free.

Well – probably not.

A website isn’t just an online brochure. Well it shouldn’t be anyway. No I don’t mean you need a fancy online shopping site either. What I mean that though a picture is worth a thousand words, a website which has good SEO is worth a whole lot more money than one that is not.

Here’s why.  A well-SEO’ed website will make it easier for the major search engines (aka Google) to find your site. That means if your potential customer goes online searching for widget makers – they will find your site and not your competitors.

So do yourself a favour – don’t rush into the cheapest or first deal you find to put your website online – try to find out if your designer has some idea about how to make your website “accessible to Google” – if he doesn’t find another one!

Even if you don’t understand it all check out this great article by a friend of mine on how to Combine SEO and Attractive Website Design – and forward it on to your designer!

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4 thoughts on “SEO and Design – Are they Mutually Incompatible

  1. Sue Lemmon

    For anyone looking for cutting edge website page ranking and design, Lissie is the lady to come to. She took my site for my log home company and reworked it so that performs well for SEO benefits and also she has given me a game plan for expanding the content and marketing possibilities. After spending a ton of money with other “website designers” that got me nowhere, Lissie stepped in and turned my site around. She is outstanding in her field and abreast of the changes in Google as they arise.
    Thanks Lissie! And look forward to working with you more in the future!
    Sue Lemmon
    Cowboy Log Builders LLC

  2. Anne

    Lissie, are flash sites more difficult to rank than blogs? I am asking because I do have some understanding of how a blog can be optimized with content and everything but I am completely uncertain as to how it would work for a flash site.

  3. Lis Post author

    I am no expert on this but I understand that flash is – out of the box -pretty much invisible to the search enginess – remember google can’t “read” images or video – it can only understand the associated tags – particularly the alt-tiltle tag. There are ways to make flash more search engine friendly but you’d need to find someone with some more specialist knowledge than me !

  4. Anne

    I thought as much. I know very little html but used to dabble with flash quite a bit. I would guess that you would either have to make a combo site, i.e. flash intro and maybe the first static page and then the rest would have to be html. I guess you could also try and update the content in the html page in which you embed the flash but that would be a bit silly as it would be like doing the work twice. I guess it all depends on what you are building the site for.

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