SEO Writing – A Beginners Guide to SEO Writing

What is SEO writing and do you need an expert to do it for you? Many owners of legitimate busineeses believe they need to hire an expert in SEO writing to get their website or blog ranking in the search engines. That’s just not true – unless money is no object – writing your own search engine friendly content is pretty darn easy – and this how you do it.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

This is a bit techie but you have to do it only once – or tell your developer to do it! Google doesn’t like – neither do your customers for that matter – they would much rather read a urls which said something like  If your site is a WordPress blog – go into  Settings and change Permalinks to “Other” and type in /%postname/ – all that means is that your urls will now match whatever you title your post (or page) – easy yes?

A Good Title

Google uses the first sixty characters in the title of a page for  the listing of your site but you can basically use as long a title as will display on your theme. The title is the hook for both readers and for the search engines: “Car Audio” is way too generic as a title “Car Audio – A Beginner’s Guide” is better but “Car Audio  Beginners – How to Install Your First Car Audio System” – gives your readers a reason to click through and tells the search engines that your keywords are “car  audio beginners” or even  “first car audio system”. Avoid cute – imagine you are writing for someone who has studied English as second language – they probably won’t  understand “From Whirls and Clicks to Crystal Clear Decibles”  and neither with the search engines – Google is pretty good at semantic indexing but don’t push it too far!

SEO Writing – Is It Coywriting?

No, not really. Copywriters are the guys who work at ad agencies who bring you the memorable one liners or a campaign that you remember for years later. These guys are real copywriters:

They are clever writers but they also know their market – know which buttons to push, which offers will appeal. This requires talent – and the good ones are rare. Fortunately for the rest of us writing for SEO purposes is a great deal easier.

SEO Writing for the Rest of Us

The “rule” are straightforward. Chose your keyword – lest us an example of “Wellington window washers”

  • start a post or page on your site  with the title of Wellington Window Washers and make sure that’s in the url as well (e..g
  • Use the term in the first sentence: “Hi and welcome to Wellington Window Washer where we make it our business to keep your view sparkkling”
  • Write around 300-400 words about you business – write naturally, don’t keep repeating the term.
  • In the last paragraph mention the term one more time.

That’s it  done – that wasn’t so hard was it?

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